The UISA Certification Program

Your Certificate - we honor your work experience!

The UISA certificate program is for managers and those who want to become managers. If they have no verifiable training in the fields, but work legally, then they can complete training to our standards in one of our Academies or Online.
Our team will be happy to advise you. 



“When you do your job for so many years, you don’t feel like spending hours in a classroom, paying a
lot of money, to hear things you already know from practice. At least like 80%. But if you don’t have a certification,
that really limits your career possibilities. I saw an ad on Facebook and applied online.
The IAPPA certification board contacted me, asked for more documentation, ran background checks and, after I confirmed the requirements, I got certified. It was simple but not easy. And because they took it seriously, I know it’s worth it.” 
A. Ortega, Certified Security Manager in Dubai.


For the Security Industry (IAPPA - WSPA)


The United International Security Associations certificate program is considered a landmark in the security industry because your professional achievements will be rewarded with one of our certificates. We offer an opportunity for professional success to those who have had a great deal of experience in the profession, but have received little evidence in the form of certificates. 


Let's face it - what good is it if someone decides to become a safety officer, meets the relevant national requirements of the authorities, and then sits down at his PC and completes countless online courses, some of them questionable and pointless, with which he then applies for a job? He won't be able to prove any work experience for a long time either, and builds his "experience" on a few hours of online training.


We honor the employee who has been in the field for years, but may have no or few certificates to show for it because there was no time or money. Or the soldier who has been in the military for many years in security and at the end of his service can only show his military career! Are these less good or qualified employees than the one who has 20 online certificates but has only completed a handful of deployments? Absolutely not! We want to honor these people and give them the opportunity to apply for one of the UISA certificates. 

For Training, Martial Arts and Self Defense (ISSDA)


The vast majority of certification in ISSDA takes place through the various programs. They stem from decades of experience in the areas of child protection, violence prevention, martial arts, self-defense, and more. The programs can be completed on-site, as well as online. For more information, please visit


Membership with in one of our Associations is not required. However, we are always happy to welcome new members to our international community.



In 4 Steps to your Certification. And here is how it works:


Step 1: You apply for one of our certificates with the complete documents and a professional CV. 


Step 2: Each application will be reviewed individually by an examining board. 

Step 3: You will receive a presentation from us about the working methods that apply to the UISA.


Step 4: Your printed certificate will shipping.  

The certificate program is for professionals only and
not for entry-level professionals. You have to prove your grounding!