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International Association of Personal Protection Agents - IAPPA


The International Association of Personal Protection Agents was founded in 1989 in the United States of America. The purpose of the IAPPA at that time was the connection of bodyguards worldwide. In this network, they could exchange ideas, train together, seek further education, and develop uniform standards for personal protection around the World.

Today, more than 30 years later, IAPPA has more than 700 members in over 30 countries around the world. Among them are escort and personal protection officers, event security managers, security experts for corporate security, military units, royal personal protection commandos, police units, security academies, and internationally operating security consultants.

With more than three decades of expertise and a team of security experts worldwide, IAPPA continues to design and push for consistent and high-quality standards as well as training in many areas of security. The organization accredits private and official security and police academies around the globe and certifies training and further education for those who already have professional experience and want to break new ground.

Since 2018, the IAPPA headquarters has been located in Germany. All activities of the association worldwide are coordinated and organized by a specialized and professional team operating from there. An addition to the newly created Training & Education Division, with its own online academy, IAPPA also has its own close protection team and a highly-specialized department for crisis and emergency management in organizations.


World Security Patrol Association - WSPA


After more than 20 years in the security industry and a variety of projects, Oliver Becker founded the WSPA in 2012 as an international network for security professionals from mobile Patrols, Hotel Guards, Mall Security, Event Security and many more. 


As in many areas of the security industry, it is not only the requirements, working methods, competencies and prerequisites that are reginally completely different, but also the attitude and training of the operatives. Oliver Becker was able to determine that mobile forces in South Africa work completely differently than, for example, in Abu Dhabi or Germany.


WSPA should offer the possibility of "learning and helping from each other". 


In 2021, with a network of over 60 companies and officers, Oliver Becker decided to open WSPA to everyone, to make the network and the associated exchange even more professional. WSPA is the first international professional association for patrol officers worldwide. 


WSPA offers its members a strong network, information, advice, education, training, equipment and a wealth of expertise from experienced security professionals. 


International Security & Self Defense Association - ISSDA


The International Security & Self Defense Association was founded in Germany in 2004 for the purpose of closely linking the topics of education and training for law enforcement, military, security services and civilians and to exchange ideas on an international level and develop programs that are far more than just pure martial arts training. Survival in the field requires programs that are developed and trained by experts. 


The ISSDA stands for quality education and training programs for operational forces in all relevant fields. The international trainers, instructors and security experts come from various fields of Law Enforcement (Police, SWAT, Seals), Executive Protection and different Self Defense Systems. Some programs are exclusive to the United International Security Associations. 


Also the topics of child protection and violence prevention have a high priority in the ISSDA and make the ISSDA an association in which, unlike perhaps usual, it is really about the protection and safety of people, and especially children.  


Together we are the UISA!


Executive Leadership Team


Oliver Becker 

Certified Close Protection Agent®

Certified Security Management Expert 

United International Security Associations


Felipe Tsoy

ertified Security Risk Manager

Executive Director Education
United International Security Associations

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Janina Voss

Bachelor of Arts
ertified Child Protection Instructor

Director Medical & Child Protection
United International Security Associations


Roman Walde

Certified Security Consulting Expert 
ertified Close Protection Agent®

Technical Director Law Enforcement Programs
International Security & Self Defense Association